Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

So as you can see we had a big time with family at Christmas.  Here are 2 videos and I will post pictures soon.

This Christmas was  a big one with Carter.  He started asking a lot of questions and getting excited about all the celebrations and presents, of course.  We had to keep reminding him that the whole reason we celebrate is because it is Jesus' birthday.  Carter wanted to make Jesus a birthday cake and he thought he had to give all his presents to Jesus since it was His birthday.  It was interested and sweet to see him trying to figure things out.
Norah Lynn was just overwhelmed by all of it.  She had a blast but she did a lot of staring and giving strange looks.
Adam and I enjoyed every moment of teaching and watching and loving on these kids.  Teaching Carter the meaning of Christmas gave us a fresh reminder that we can sometimes get completely overwhelmed with parties and presents.  We were reminded by our 3 year old to slow down and worship our Lord and Savior through the entire season.  We got to witness my Grandaddy, who a few years ago didn't even pray, share the gospel with our entire family.  Praise God!!  What a work He has done in Grandaddy!!  We were able to show love to some family members who really needed to be loved.  We got to experience our first ever neighborhood Christmas party.  Thank you Lord for the community you have placed us in!

Christmas 2011 was the best one yet for our little family!  God is good!

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